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What is a Testosterone Enanthate and How Does It Work?

Testosterone enanthate, commonly known as “dihydrotestosterone,” sold under several brand names among which “Xyosted”Dermestrryl” among others, is a male androsterone and anabolic testosterone steroid drug that are mostly used in the treatment of testosterone deficiency in males. It has also been used in hormone replacement therapy for transgender men too.

Testosterone is primarily a male hormone and is produced by the testes in the ovary. In males, the testosterone hormone is usually secreted into the bloodstream by the adrenal glands before it is stored in the muscle cells and released back to the blood stream when and as required.

However, in females, there is a complete absence of the testes but the female sex hormones, particularly estrogens and progestogens, are present in high levels. Hence, there is an imbalance between the two sexes in both physiological systems.

Testosterone deficiency leads to male sexual dysfunctions, obesity, poor bone and joint health and various other disorders that have adverse effects on both adults and children. This results in an increase in cases of osteoporosis and depression in both men and women.

Testosterone deficiency has been linked to the onset of some serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers, erectile dysfunction, bone weakness, anxiety, depression, hypertension and certain types of cancers such as breast, prostate and uterine cancer among others. This has been shown to be true not only in males but also in females and this is why prescription testosterone enanthate is becoming more popular these days.

Testosterone deficiency can be treated by either synthetic testosterone or natural testosterone production by the body. In addition, there are various other herbal remedies and drugs available that are supposed to regulate the levels of testosterone in the body and boost the production of it.

In men, the most popular way of producing testosterone in the body is through the secretion of it from the testes. However, in women, the production of testosterone is regulated by the ovaries, which produce estrogen.

It has been found out that testosterone production is controlled by the gene-determined enzyme aromatase, which breaks down and removes the estrogen from the testosterone before it reaches the bloodstream. This is done by converting the testosterone to its active form.

In women, testosterone is released directly into the bloodstream by the ovaries by aromatase. The estrogen then binds to the testosterone and prevents it from being absorbed by the body.

In some cases, women who have a genetic predisposition to osteoporosis also suffer from testosterone deficiency because they have an enzyme deficiency in the pituitary gland, which converts testosterone to its active form. and binds to it, preventing it from reaching the bloodstream. As a result, the body is unable to absorb it.

In men, testosterone has the ability to stimulate the creation of new bone by increasing the density of bone tissues in the body. This increases strength and suppleness and bone density, improves muscle strength and makes it easier for the body to recover from injuries and strains.

In women, the levels of testosterone in the body are regulated by the enzyme androgen receptor-activating enzymes, which helps in the regulation of testosterone levels. In men, this enzyme prevents testosterone from being converted to DHT, which is known to cause certain kinds of cancers such as breast and prostate cancer.

To be able to treat the side effects of testosterone deficiency, you will need to get a proper diagnosis on your own. It is important to understand that you should take the prescribed dose of testosterone enanthate in order to help improve the quality of life of both men and women.