Trenbolone is a synthetic androgenic steroid of the androstane group which itself has never been commercially sold. Trenbolone, also called androstenedione, acetyl-androgenic steroids, and progesterone, are the derivatives and the products of testosterone. It is used as a treatment for testosterone deficiency in males but has not yet been approved by the FDA.

Testosterone has many important functions in men, and these are to produce semen, to regulate muscle growth and repair, to increase libido, to affect energy levels, and to stimulate fat growth and burn fat. Testosterone supplements have had some promising results in terms of muscle gain and the reduction of fat in men. It is currently being investigated as a treatment for obesity.

Trenbolone was originally developed in Russia. Its development was financed by the KGB. It was initially a male enhancement drug. Later it was used as an antidepressant, with some success. In recent years it has been used in the treatment of depression and anxiety and for breast enlargement.

Testicular levels of testosterone may decline with age. In men this may be due to decreased production or by decreased absorption of testosterone by the testes, both of which can result in lower testosterone levels. If you wish to increase your testosterone levels and if you are still in good health, a supplement containing trenbolones may be useful.

One of the side effects of using testosterone treatments is a thinning of the hair. This can be due to a lack of testosterone or to some other reason, and usually happens in men over the age of fifty. The effects of this problem can be minimized by increasing the dose of testosterone by using the correct dosage or by using a topical solution to make the hair follicles more receptive to testosterone. If you are trying to treat male pattern baldness, it is possible to make the hair grow back when you stop using the drug, but the longer you take the medication, the less likely that it is to work.

A study of trenbolones was performed in a lab on mice. One group of mice received the drug but no testosterone. Another group was given testosterone in addition to the trenbolinone. and the third group was given only testosterone.

When trenbolin was given to the last group, it caused them to produce significantly less testosterone than the first two groups. The mice that were given trenbolin showed a significant increase in sexual activity and even had a complete reversal of sexual dysfunction. This suggests that the drug may be able to improve sexual function in humans. If further testing is done, it may be possible to determine whether or not this hormone can help treat male pattern baldness.