The Evolution of Female Bodybuilding

The Evolution of Female Bodybuilding

Hi guys, «Nature of Bodybuilding channel» with you today and in this video I want to talk to you about all of the winners of Ms Olympia contest The first Ms Olympia contest was held in 1980 and unlike the first male bodybuilding show in 1965, there were 20 female contestants

The first one among all of them was the American female bodybuilder Rachel McLish I wouldn’t call her a bodybuilder as appearing at the first Ms Olympia contest she looked like a model not a commonplace female bodybuilder She was 165 cm or 5’5’’ tall with weight of 58 kg or 127 lb in her prime I think that she was just a lean girl with a beautiful figure Anyway, the winning of the show brought her a lot of fame but despite that she continued doing it for the following 4 years

For example, in 1982 she was the first again making her two times Ms Olympia winner Let’s watch her performance till the end Well, guys that was Rachel’s performance However, in 1981, she came the 2nd after a female bodybuilder from Finland Kike Elomaa

Like Rachel, she wasn’t that big and would look like a bikini competitor now Let’s have a look at her The 1983 Ms Olympia winner was Carla Dunlap and it was her greatest achievement in her bodybuilding career By the way, she came the 2nd after Rachel McLish in 1982 and continued participating up until 1993 but her placing just got worse Anyway, her fist placing in 1983 was significant because black women were not given as much recognition for athletic accomplishments

Besides that achievement, Carla’s physique produced another model It was a body a bit bigger than other competitors While being a little larger, she managed to present symmetry that the judges were looking for This could be considered the stage in which women started to push the size barrier So, now let’s turn to 1984

It was the beginning of Cori Everson’s rein, so to speak She was only 25 when she won her first title And as a result, she won Ms Olympia title for 6 consecutive years from 1984 to 1989 By looking at her, I think she looked more like current women’s physique participants, more aesthetic I think And she wasn’t that big either

For instance, with the height of 172 cm or 5’ 8’’, she was only 66 kg or 145 lb If the judges had continued being in favor of this kind of physique, I think there wouldn’t have needed to cancel Ms Olympia bodybuilding category in 2014 As I mentioned in my previous video, up until a certain threshold having some lines, visible muscles gained by means of working out is great for women, but then their beauty begins to slip As for Cory Everson, not only is she famous for being a female bodybuilder but she is also known for being an actress For example, she played a negative character called Kara in the 1991 action movie Double Impact with Jean-Claude Van Damme

When I was a little boy, not only was I impressed by Van Damme’s physique and ability to move but Cory’s physique was also captivating Needles to say, our next female Ms Olympia winners were much more muscular For example, Lenda Murrey was Ms Olympia winner for 8 times from 1990 to 1995 and in 2002 and 2003 she was also the first Despite being more muscular than her predecessors, she brought a lot of interests to female bodybuilding by her captivating performances Referring to even Dorian Yate’s words, she took the competition to the next level and lots of women were inspired to do bodybuilding because of her

So, she was like a female version of Arnold, so to speak Well just look at this V-taper, Christmas tree, shredded physique I think it’s really impressive for a femal bodybuilder Even our next winner of Ms Olympia from 1996 to 1999, Kim Chizevsky, considered her to be her idol In turn, talking about Kim, I think that she was a real female giant

In her prime standing at a height of 173 cm or 5’ 8’’, her weight was 72 kg or 159 lb which was really a lot taking into account that she was extremely shredded in her prime By the way, maybe you’ve already noticed the tendency that in 1990s both female and male bodybuilders started to look extremely muscular Even now, almost nothing has changed since then Referring to Dorian Yates’s words, growth hormone was brought out to bodybuilding at that time Needless to say, female bodybuilders probably began experimenting with it as well

But this is my opinion In 2000, Andrulla Blanchette from England was the first in the category of 135 lb or 61 kg Let’s have a look at her insanely high quality of muscles and muscle mass at the same time Just unbelievable Look at that! 2001 title was taken by Juliet Bergman from Netherlands

The most interesting fact that she managed to do it at the age of 43 and she repeated the winning in 2002 and 2003 but only in the category of up to 135 lb or 61 kg She had a really interesting competing career as she started competing in 1985 and changed her physique from an aesthetic one (I think she was like a reminisce of Cory Everson) to a really muscular For instance, here you can see her in the 1980s when she looked really ecstatic She started her career at that time Now let’s observe her performance when she managed to win the title

Off course, she was more muscular, shredded and you can also probably notice her change in face Finally, the era of the most successful bodybuilder of all times, Iris Kyle started But before talking about Iris, I want to show you the winner who actually managed to take the title from Iris in 2005 and it was Yaxeni Oriquen, a Venezuelan-American professional female bodybuilder And in this Yaxeni is standing in the middle, between Iris Kyle and Dayana Cadeau, showing her muscles to the crowed As for Iris, she won her first title in 2004 and never lost it apart from 2005

Just imagine Iris Kyle had ten overall Ms Olympia wins In her prime standing at a height of 170 cm or 5’ 7’’ her competing weight was 72 kg or 159 lb In 2014 Ms Olympia contest was held for the last time making Iris Kyle the last female bodybuilder winning Ms Olympia contest and with 10 overalls making her the most successful bodybuilder of all time

Anyway, despite really tough competition in Ms Olympia contest as all of the participants were really muscular, well prepared sometimes they even had to have silicon breasts, female bodybuilding Ms Olympia contest was canceled in 2014 and later replaced by less massive women’s physique category There were lots of reasons for that, off course First of all, in comparison to Mr Olympia contest, it wasn’t so popular Also, female bodybuilding is a really controversial sport It isn’t natural for women to have huge and shredded muscles

For instance, look at Iris Kyle, she looks like a woman without skin So, low body fat doesn’t seem natural especially for women Therefore, by looking at them it is even more certain that they are taking drugs to achieve the conditioning and they generally tend to lose their feminine look when they are in their prime So in turn it has nothing to do with health lifestyle and health On the other hand all of these factors make female bodybuilding really interesting and it is really fascinating to see what women can actually achieve through dedication and constant training

And I have prepared this video for you to see the step by step evolution of female bodybuilding, which I think now, is the topic that deserves a lot of attention Well, guys Thank you for watching Please give this video a thumb’s up if you like it and subscribe to my channel Good Luck