Anavar 25mg Genetix Pharma

Anavar 25mg Genetix Pharma

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Anavar is known for its mild androgenic components in an extremely easy and light steroid. The best is about Anavar is that it comes with virtually zero side effects and it works well for women and children as well as male athletes.
If you are interested in cutting weight and getting a more defined look, Anavar can help you get there. The results that you might get from Anavar are also generally much more permanent because there isn’t a need for PCT. The effect that Anavar makes on body chemistry does give you a boost but it doesn’t come associated with the same dramatic loss in testosterone or power that you might experience from other products.

The low androgenic activity and slight anabolic properties in this product help with muscle mass gains as well as cutting fat. It is derived directly from DHT and many athletes like to use it when water retention is a concern with their training work in their testosterone -based steroid cycle.
Phosphocreatine synthesis within the muscle cells is stimulated without any water deposits throughout the muscles and joints. It’s a great product for finding extra strength if you don’t want to put on extra weight making it ideal for powerlifters who want to stick to a certain weight class.
The recommended dosage for women on this product is 10 to 15 mg a day. Men should take between 40 to 60 mg a day for maximum effectiveness.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    I have other girls at the gym ask me all the time was my secret to cutting is and this is it honestly. They always expect me to say some diet, or super fruit, or other bs nonsense. But in reality it’s this. I literally tried EVERYTHING before I tried this, and made sure I was already at my peak fitness level. For women its so much harder or even impossible to get cut and have less then 15% body fat naturally. And seriously this is the only way I can actually get down to 10%. I personally prefer this brand and buying it from this site as after several orders over the past year, I have never had a problem. All my orders arrive on time!

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