Shawn Ray – FOCUSED ON MY GOALS – Bodybuilding Motivation

Shawn Ray – FOCUSED ON MY GOALS – Bodybuilding Motivation

You have to become your own entity There's nobody that takes more pride

And more focus and concern about my career than me Controlling the training and competition aspect, It certainly makes my job a lot more pleasureable because I am my own manager, I am my own promoter, and I am my own marketer

Train by myself, I like it that way Train by myself, rely on myself It gets hard and it definitely gets lonely especially when you train by yourself a lot If I have any advice for any of these new jacks that are coming up, Or maybe this is your first opportunity to compete in the Olympia

Take control of your career None of us are believing that any of these people or obstacles can stop us from getting to the top They all have the 1 common threat going through them And that's the one that's running through me as well Is dedication, commitment to excellence And trying to be the BEST What makes my competition preperation even more rewarding when it's all over with whether it's second, fifth or whatever

Is knowing that I did it all single-handedly and by myself Found the desire and drive to get out of bed when I didn't want to, train when I didn't feel like it, This is why I do what I do And I hope one day maybe my physique will represent the masses

I'm here to fight, I'm ready to get it on What bodybuilding is all about Bodybuilding is about building muscle and building size, there's no question But to the exclusion of symmetry, proportion, definition, presentation

Gotta FLEX the muscle Get all the fibers and detail to come in as I'm on my low carb diet right now Trying to come in at 210 And as you can tell from the bags in my eyes

Haven't been getting much sleep Been putting too much into my training When you start breaking it down and analyzing bodybuilding for what it's supposed to be The shape, the symmetry, the genetics, the BALANCE The pleasing tone of the skin, the color of the skin, the tiance on the muscles That frustration for me turns into power It fuels each and every one of my workouts

That's why every year, whether I take it on the chin or not I GET UP and I COME BACK My preperation was much more SPOT ON and the focus was more INTENSE My training this year has been nothing but focused

My mindset is that of a warrior only having to deal with me makes it a little easier to get up in the morning and train When you analyze the whole picture, beat them on detail, beat them on completeness Beat them on profesionalism, so

There are areas I can beat the champ under That I pay special attention to Because of the weaknesses I have standing next to them Planning on improving that this year

LET'S ROCK On this lonely isolated journey to Mount Olympus It took a lot of distractions off the actual eating, training, the daily grind and what it takes to become a champion

It gives me even more respect for a guy like Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, Nasser El Sonbaty That they can maintain a professional bodybuilding career at this level Let's see what the finished product looks like I've never felt like I was already READY