Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler – Motivation

Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler – Motivation

I never saw in real life a physique look like that I just marveled that

I couldn't believe that this was actually attainable So it can be possible because these other guys did it When you got love for something You know what they say There ain't really too much of nothing you really wouldn't do, to do it Working 8 hours I get a chance to come home

And do the treadmill For another hour It's a wonderful life We basically just monitor it and go by how I look

It's a challenge Anybody ANYBODY!! I was happy I had the Ronnie Colemand and Jay Cutler battle

And that was probably the best battle we've ever seen Ronnie still got the title No one is gonna touch Ronnie in that rear double bicep ever But the rear double is only one shot

That you are 290 pounds right now, you put on a lot of muscle this last year I wanna know ,can you you take down the champ? I wouldn't be here if I didn't think I could, right? All these guys sitting around here, talking about what they're gonna do

Ey, this is a show Talk is cheap If you wanna do something, we can do something right now All that talk about him being 300 pounds Hell I'm 300 pounds too What you wanna do? I really miss those days People ask me when was the prime of your bodybuilding era, when you loved it the most? Honestly the battles with Ronnie They built the show around him and I

It was so much like tension when we were around each other And then I'm like OK now I need to get big as fk so '04 I came in big as SH!T He knew I was at his heels and I was consistently there