Clenbuterol 50MCG


Clenbuterol 50MCG

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Chemical: Clenbuterol Hydrocloride
Clen comes in both liquid formats and tablet forms. While Clen can have some mild performance boosts on its own in both liquid and oral formats it’s best used with an anabolic steroid or as an addition to post cycle therapy.
Clenbuterol has a very light anabolic nature that aids with changes in metabolic systems but ultimately the real value of Clen is that it can be used to supercharge any anabolic steroid cycle. While taking Clen you can see some huge fat burning effects which can help you to drastically gain quality muscle mass as well as lean out and lose fat. Clen is one of the best fat burning medications on the market today and also has an added benefit to increasing your cardiovascular efficiency which can help you push yourself even further in training.



Clenbuterol is commonly used as a performance-enhancing drug but he is not a steroid. This beta-2 symphatomimetic compound produces large muscle growth as well as extensive strength gains. Clenbuterol accomplishes this feat by changing muscle metabolism and the rate at which protein breaks down in muscle cells. This gives athletes the ability to absorb the maximum amount of protein and then retain the maximum strength in each of their muscles. This can produce quality strength gains and muscle mass.
Clenbuterol is also known for its extreme fat burning effect. This fat burning effect comes from slightly increasing body temperature and helping the body to burn fat naturally even without the user having to watch their weight or exercise regularly. When clenbuterol is combined with another intense fat burning medication like cytomel you can even him but these cutting results.

Clenbuterol becomes especially effective when it is stacked with other beneficial medications. You need to pick an anabolic steroid to pair with clenbuterol if you plan on using it within a cycle. Achieving a harder and more lean physique is actually quite easy with the help of Clenbuterol. HGH, Clen and an anabolic steroid will make you feel like an absolute Superman and help you push your training to new heights. Ultimately it’s about finding balance with dosage. When finding the right Clen dosage the best way to discover is to start with a low dosage of one tab working your way up to potentially two or until you feel comfortable. Clen will increase your metabolic rate and help you to drastically lose body fat. Many Clen users will even up their dosage on days where they are planning on eating clean or where they are eating a lot of fatty foods. Clen can actually aid in dropping weight even if you aren’t eating healthy.

Getting the right dosage for clenbuterol is usually dependent on your body weight and the easiest way to find your ideal dosages to measure your body temperature. Most male athletes tend to take 80 to 120 MCG each day. Women will take between 20 to 40 MCG each day. It’s usually best to start with just one tablet and work your way up adding an additional tablet each day until your temperature starts to reach a level that’s uncomfortable for you. From thereon you can use your maximum comfortable temperature as your max dosage and take clen over 8 to 10 weeks for a full cycle.

Clen is an excellent medication to introduce when you start to eat more calories to further your training. Clen should be used on the first day of anabolic steroids alongside HGH. The best part about Clen is that you really don’t need to stop using it through PCT so that you can continue to see fat burning results and leaner muscle mass. Clen can be used at each stage of your training including post cycle therapy but sometimes it is a good idea to take a 6 to 8 week break so that your metabolism can recover from time to time.

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