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  • Testosterone Enanthate Dynamic Pharma

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    Testosterone Enanthate

    10ml - 250mg/ml

    Suggested Dosage: 500MG Weekly.

    Testosterone -based products are extremely effective for athletes and used in medical settings because of their extreme power and ability to aromatize quickly. Testosterone Enanthate was developed more specifically for treating testosterone levels in patients and for testosterone replacement therapy. As well as having therapeutic applications it's also possible to utilize them performance enhancement. Some athletes even choose to stack this testosterone ester for extremely hard-core training and if they want to see massive gains or bulking. Ultimately this hormone works to have very high gains at its also possible to enjoy over long term cycles unlike many other testosterone products because of its slow and gradual release.


    For hormone replacement therapy most doses usually consist around 200 to 250 mg per week. Athletes that are interested in gaining a competitive performance advantage with the help of Testosterone should consider taking between 600 to 1000 mg per week at the performance level. A good entry-level is around 600 mg but many are able to tolerate around 750 to nearing 1000 mg per week depending on their size. Long cycles are extremely tolerable with this form of testosterone. 16 weeks cycles aren't too uncommon for major performance athletes but most cycles will last around 8 to 12 weeks. Proper PCT needs to be put in place especially on these long cycles to condition the body into producing natural testosterone again.If you are looking for an excellent performance enhancer this is probably one of the most effective for taking on in the first cycle because it's readily available and you can start to see a difference just a few hours after injection with a slow release for competitive gains. It isn't the medication that will instantly bulk you up and you need to still work for your gains helping you achieve a more natural result which can be concerned for first-time steroid users.


    Athletes utilizing higher doses of testosterone Enanthate are able to push their training further, recover from injury faster and see big gains when it comes to weight and muscle mass. This is definitely a steroid that can aromatize at high volumes and cause estrogen-based side effects so it's very important that any athlete taken anti-estrogen or estrogen blocker to try and prevent serious side effects from occurring. Stacking and PCT will require extra doses of these anti-estrogens to help normalize body chemistry and to avoid serious effects like water retention that can slow your progress and simply make you look bigger with no real effective strength.
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  • Testosterone Enanthate Genetix Pharma

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    GENETIX PHARMATestosterone Enanthate which is a long-acting oil-based injectable steroid. This slow release steroid requires less frequent injections and is perfect for athletes to take once or twice weekly. Testosterone is the perfect addition to any steroid cycle and it's considered one of the most basic hormones for athletes to take for improving their performance results. Athletes taking this product will see dramatic gains in the size of their muscles, their overall strength and their ability to train harder. It's also possible that they can see a varying impact on their libido and sex drive with resounding improvements. This testosterone*does aromatize quickly so it can cause some estrogen-based side effects which can be counteracted with the use of anti estrogen medication like Nolvadex and Arimidex. In order to properly maintain your results at the end of any cycle you will also need to make sure that your body can recover and continue to produce an extended amount of natural testosterone hormones. Taking products like Clomid, Nolvadex and HCG for 3 to 4 weeks post cycle will ensure that all of your results are permanent. The recommended dosage for man on this product is 250-750mg this is not a product recommended for women.
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  • Testosterone Propionate Genetix Pharma

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    GENETIX PHARMA Testosterone Propionate is a fast acting oil-based injectable steroid that is known as one of the fastest testosterone esters on the market. Propionate is much faster than Enanthate or cypionate meaning that it requires a more frequent injection cycle with more explosive results right after injection. The nice part about this steroid is that it can clear the body quickly making it the perfect choice for any regularly tested athlete. Testosterone-based steroids are amongst some of the most popular in the world because they are considered among the most basic medications for athletes to take for performance-enhancing results. Introducing this medication to any cycle produces anabolic and androgenic properties. Propionate leads to big gains when it comes to strength and size in muscles and also improves the libido and sex drive. Proper anti estrogen medication will need to be taken to counteract any estrogen-based side effects. Taking Nolvadex and Arimidex through a cycle can ensure that results are normalized and no side effects are present. In order to normalize body chemistry at the end of a testosterone cycle it's also very important to take medication like Clomid, Nolvadex or HCG for 3 to 4 weeks to restore the full pituitary functions of the body to ensure that all of your steroid results are kept. Recommended dosage for men is 250-750 mg each week.
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  • Testosterone Suspension Dynamic Pharma

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    testosterone suspension which does not have an ester. This formula comes in a water base and basically features suspended in injectable anabolic steroids. Most athletes that use suspensions enjoy them for a maximum fast acting performance boost. In water-based suspensions like this one, testosterone almost instantly enters into the bloodstream and starts building anabolic effects. As far as anabolic hormones go, testosterone is one of the favorite and most basic for any major steroid cycle. Many athletes enjoy the use of testosterone because it features high androgenic and anabolic nature. Athletes that utilize testosterone see big gains when it comes to their overall size and strength as well as when it comes to their sex drive and libido. Preventing estrogen buildup from aromatizing steroids is a big concern for anyone taking this type of suspension. Taking anti-estrogens like Arimidex and Nolvadex can prevent any of these serious side effects from occurring however. After a cycle of steroids is completed it's also very important that the user have a proper plan in place to make sure that their body chemistry normalizes and that they can keep all of the results that they worked for on their testosterone cycle. Taking Clomid, Nolvadex and HCG for roughly 3 to 4 weeks will ensure that their body chemistry begins to normalize after treatment has finished. The recommended dosage for men on the suspension is 50 to 100 mg per day This is not a product recommended for women.
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  • TNT 400 Genetix Pharma

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    GENETIX PHARMAA blend of 250mg/ml Testosterone Enanthate with 200mg/ml Trenbolone Enanthate. This is a popular combination of two steroids for mass building. The Test E may cause some bloating but not much and Trenbolone is a drug that combines the best of all steroids but is recommended for experienced bodybuilders only. This is a great all around combo if you want to build good solid gains without much water retention.The downside of this drug combo is that it can come with significant side effects. Also, the toxicity is quite high due to the Tren. The Test with definitely aromatize, not as bad as with a cycle of straight test, but you will see some bloat. Also there may be acne, male pattern baldness, prostate enlargement and aggression if you are prone to that. The Trenbolone is hard on the liver and kidneys. It’s not uncommon with Tren to see blood in the urine. Combining the Test with Tren for a bulking cycle may minimize the side effect from the Tren while still getting the benefits of the hard lean look.
  • Trenbolone Acetate Genetix Pharma

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    GENETIX PHARMATrenbolone Acetate formula which is an extremely fast acting injectable steroid. Acetate is known as one of the most fast acting performance-enhancing medications on the market especially in its injectable form. Trenbolone is one of the most powerful steroids available for athletic use today because of its androgenic and anabolic activity. Where it differs from testosterone-based steroids, is that Trenbolone is completely unable to aromatize so it doesn't produce any of the estrogen-based side effects than traditional testosterone-based steroids do. Trenbolone produces very hard and defined muscles and it actually works to help fat melt away from your body. This makes the medication and extremely powerful steroid that can help you drop that quickly without even watching your diet. Trenbolone is one of the best ways that you can start to lean out your body and gain quality, defined muscles. Trenbolone will require the use of a proper PCT protocol once you are complete your cycle so that your body chemistry can normalize and you can keep your results. It's important to monitor your blood levels and not to exceed your dosage because this is such a powerful performance-enhancing drug. By keeping blood levels with a reasonable dosage range you can avoid any danger of side effects like night sweats.
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  • Trenbolone Enanthate Genetix Pharma

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    GENETIX PHARMATrenbolone Enanthate isn’t quite as popular or as widely manufactured as Trenbolone Acetate but it is a very popular choice for athletes who are experienced with using trenbolone. It doesn’t come in quite as powerful a formula in this Ester and as a result athletes need to take a little bit more in each dose. The good news about the larger doses is that it’s much easier to regulate in the blood levels making this a very friendly trenbolone for those who are used to using the mixture in their cycles. It’s usually best to start with Acetate to see if you are responsive to trenbolone and then give this a try on your next cycle to better control your blood hormone levels. Enanthate doses are perfect for gaining great lien power and lean gains. Taking trenbolone will help to increase your overall feeling of well-being as well as help you during any cutting phase for growing lean muscle. Bodybuilders who are regularly into hard-core training preferred use this type of ester because they can keep it in high doses throughout their bloodstream without uncomfortable side effects or feelings. 


    Athletes usually take around 200 mg per week to start. This is usually the bare minimum amount that you need to start feeling a performance-enhancing difference. Usually doses sit between 200 to 400 mg per week and athletes generally choose to divide this dose into every other day injections. Large doses of up to 800 mg per week have been recorded but this is usually for extreme cases or very large athletes. Measuring blood hormone levels throughout your cycles can be very beneficial to maintaining training efficiency.The typical cycle usually lasts between eight and 12 weeks. You can stack your cycle with other anabolic steroids but there is no need to use any other trenbolone compounds with it. PCT will definitely be needed after a long cycle to recover your natural body chemistry.
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  • Winstrol Depot Dynamic Pharma

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    Winstrol Depot an extremely powerful anabolic steroid known as Winstrol. Winstrol is also known by the name Stanozol which is derived more specifically from dihydrotestosterone. This is a product choice for many different cycles because it's known for its high anabolic nature with a reasonably low androgenic nature. This is an anabolic steroid with very little in the way of side effects and it's also a great choice for women athletes as well as men. It can be tough to find steroids which are safe for women to use but with its low androgenic activity this is most definitely one of the. Athletes who use Winstrol in a cycle are able to gain large-scale muscle tone, vast increases in strength and improve vascularity as well. Most athletes report that they find the biggest difference weightlifting at the gym. This is a product that can help you find a rock power in any work out. An added benefit with Stanazolol is that it can actually block progesterone and estrogen meaning that when you take it with a cycle of aromatizing steroids like Trenbolone for example it's possible that you can reduce the chances of any estrogen related side effects. Winstrol also works to reduce other sex-related hormones in the body allowing them to move to our muscles for an added benefit. This means that we can see greater power without our body chemistry being affected. When combined with other steroids Winstrol not only reduces side effects but also ups the effectiveness greatly for even better performance results. The recommended dosage for this product on women is 5 to 10 mg a day. Men should take at least 50 to 100 mg a day for maximum effectiveness.
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