Live Demo Post Rhinoplasty Steroid Kenalog Injections for Swelling, Healing by Seattle Dr.Young

hi I'm dr and I want to talk about rhinoplasty and the use of steroids in this video we're going to show you injection of steroids but we're going to talk a little bit about oral steroids as well as injecting injections of steroids now for a general decrease in the swelling of your rhinoplasty result we usually suggest oral steroids and we might use one or two courses of oral steroids and in my opinion if there's areas on your nose after rhinoplasty that is more swollen more swollen than another area then we might consider using injectable steroids too kind of control localized swelling it's a little harder to use injectable steroids to get a even general reduction in swallowing because it's really hard for us to inject every single area equally and evenly to give a generalized reduction and swelling through steroids so in that case when we want a general reduction we use it usually use oral steroids family questions please contact us and I hope you enjoy the video thank you so this is a topical on the nose and that's been sitting on there for about half an hour that helps with the perception of pain know when you first inject we also include some local anesthesia in the steroids to help the the next couple of injections and future injections injections there's some last season yeah I better better planning stage yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so basically trying to find deeper structures and know that deep in the steroid injections so that we don't inject it into shape yeah

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