Lee Priest – TRAIN AND GROW – Bodybuilding Motivation

Lee Priest – TRAIN AND GROW – Bodybuilding Motivation

Placings have never bothered me So whether I finished ninth in a show or second or 15th in the Olympia I just enjoy competing and training mostly

Whether I place 9th, second or win a show As long as I'm in my best shape I can do well Big shoulders, big arms, tiny waist, huge legs When I started bodybuilding that's what I thought bodybuilding should be And you have all these people saying well that's overdone You know you shouldn't look like that But yet those people who say that are the ones who normally can't achieve it so that's why they say it Now bodybuilding is a long term sport People wanna get into bodybuilding and they have been training 6 months, 8 months, nothing is happening What am I doing wrong? But bodybuilding takes years Stick with it you know Some years, some months you might not see anything change The weights might not change, but then you just keep persevering

Next month it will probably kick off again It's one of the things just give it time and train hard It WILL happen but it just takes time What I do love of bodybuilding is just that freaky look about them where you can't really believe that I look human So that's what I wanna look like eventually

If I wasn't getting paid to do this I would still do this because I love the sport, it's not the money that makes me do it If I'm gonna come dead last, as long as the crowd is happy well that's all I'm happy about The most freakiest bodybuilder I've ever seen in person was Lee Priest at the time He was like 20, bro

And he was fkn INSANE BIG He was crazy big, I've never seen anything like that The guy couldn't even walk he was so big I was like this kid is basically my age UNBELIEVEABLY BIG I've never seen anything like that in my entire life