Kevin Levrone – BUILD YOUR BODY – Bodybuilding Motivation

Kevin Levrone – BUILD YOUR BODY – Bodybuilding Motivation

I wanna say thank you man for taking what I have done in my career Bringing it up to today's standards for my fans to see

You motivated not only my fans but also motivated me watching how you put these videos together Thank you man No matter what was going on in my life No matter what people wanted

I was able to tune in to another level of understanding And knowing why it happened and understanding the process of it I just took all that pain and I applied it to my training, I applied it to the gym When people say yeah you gotta live for today

Live in for today and understand the process of the day and it will lead you to the vision of 6 months from now Understand what it is that I need to do today To have a better tomorrow and that's how I've always moved forward in to help me get where I am today

I could trust my decisions I could trust what I was doing was right because it gave me the satisfaction Going into the gym I could build my body When I graduated highschool I was a 147 pounds I build and build and build it

I said you know what as long as it's up to me it will be I can make these decisions that will never go because it's something that I'm giving to myself I'm gonna develop my body, I'm gonna develop a character I was able to build a foundation and the character that I believed in making my choices

Because of what I went through in the world It was to take my pain, agony and all of my thoughts and turn it in to become one of the best bodybuilders I became like A PITBULL I'm willing to endure the pain for the results If it's up to me I'm gonna make this happen

And that's what drove me To have that KILLER THOUGHT MENTALITY that I ended up with

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