Karolina Borkovcova IFBB PRO – Season 2018 Ep.1 | BEEF FARM | LEG WORKOUT

Karolina Borkovcova IFBB PRO – Season 2018 Ep.1 | BEEF FARM | LEG WORKOUT

Our company name is Agrokomplex sr

o Were at Verneřice FARM We run an organic farm All our animals are organic certified Also meat from these animals is organic certified These are cows that just came from grassland We took away their calfs now They will spend whole winter in here because blonde breed are prone to cold We give them birth naturaly outdoors 90% of them give birth without our assistance So they have different coloring and are same breed? Yes They are either white or browny But theyre all blonde breed We still have 2-5% mottled ones from past You can see it on the head

Yeah I can see it there They didnt get the full white color yet For breeding we buy only males In organic farm you can buy only males for breeding So we buy only pureblood white males We have 95% white females then We pick our own females for breeding We pick nice and white ones Why is this breed better than regular mottled breed? Czech mottle is milk breed Theres milk production priority more milk the give the better Fat breed is all about the meat Blondes have soft and lean meat Even if we kill the 10 years old cow it has a lean meat almost with no fat When we then sell it to Germany so our rating goes down because then require more fatty meat which we dont have We mostly have meat But our meat is popular abroad because its soft meat tasty and not fatty Even this 6 years old bull is lean They really have a solid business here One wouldnt say that they have a specific breed that is grown and bread this way They pick the best pieces Cows obviously have a good life here

Its always better when you know what youre eating you can really feel the difference In what age do you kill them? It depends on how grown the animal is We feed them with our own hay food We dont use any mixes We kill then when they reach 500-600kg How much are these? Some of these are 300kg Some are 200-250kg Theyre birth this year We sell them this outumn When some companies use corn then aminal frow faster of course But the quality of meat is changed then structure and fat content We grow then all natural on grasslands in summer We arent allowed to give them additional food They must eat what they have there So we kill then at 400 500 or 600kg It equals 2-3 years of age This hall is 50% solid floor for sleeping And 50% is grill floor They have food only in grill area so all excrements doenst mix with hay Excremens goes under the grill and move out Its all liquidy poops and urine is mixed with water Muck has hay in it and is thick Its hay, poops and urine We use muck for arable ground and liquid form is spreaded on grasslands Our animals are fed by grass in summer and in winter we feed them with our own hay they have only our products So we know that theyre not exposed to any chemicals, growth hormones so the meat is high quality So regular beef can contain those substances right? yes Regular beef is fed by corn It can even be geneticaly modified They mostly feed them with those mixes to get the animals to 700-800kg asap Diet foods from Vernerice What did you buy? I have quaters of chicken and grounded lean beef and Jiri got sausages Theyre not for me Dont lie We recommend if you are interested Yiure gonna stop the video so you can read it

Before workout Ill do the same thing as in all my preps Always BCAAs One scoop for one workout either cardio or strenght workout I dont use any fat burners yet I save it for bad times For now I try to burn fat only with cardio and diet We will see how its gonna go When I stagnate or I think Ishould make a change I will add fat burner and change my cardio and carbs and so on Its not good to over do things at the beggining of the prep throw in fat burners zero carbs and two cardio sessions a day Its always good to start prepping in advance and make a good plan Today we chose leg workout to film I dont separate leg workouts to quads and hamstrings yet I only separate calves from legs I do then in separate workout with abs I do legs in one session I try to work them all I focus on glutes because I tend to hold the most fat there just like most of the women so I try to hit them with heavy weights and also some exercises where I do higher reps even 30 glute kick backs and so This is only warm up Some lunges to warm up the knees Only the body weight I start this workout with alternating leg abductions and leg press I go by feel I never like write down what Im gonna do I only know what body part Im gonna do then I start by feel or that machine is free at the moment Then I decide by how I feel the muscles or how I feel the exercise Sometimes I dont feel exercises that I normaly do so I change them Here I did superset of leg press and abductions Everybody do abductions theirs style Im used to lean forward so I can feel my glutes better Sometimes I lift myself up that I put my back on the pad and lift myself up so I dont touch the seat so I really feel my middle part of glutes or I dont know how to describe it Leg press ist classic I try to go down to right angle and keep my hips on the pad I have short legs so I dont need to do long movements so somebody could say my range of motion is not enough but I feel my legs really good Im doing 3rd or 4th set here I always go by feel Sometimes I do 3 sets Sometimes I do 5 I depends how I feel at the moment When I have a good day I try to go hard and do more sets and more exercises I focus on squeezing the muscles Sometime Im even in a good mood while I train We filmed this video about 2 weeks ago Were very busy and Its alot of work to edit videos We also try to make subtitles now so It takes more time and of course our daily work is not only doing videos So sometimes its takes time to publish video I listen to music while I train Its my motivation Yeah show us I like 80s and 90s USA songs the most Its my favourite music I dont have a specific style but old songs from Rocky or songs from movies from the same age are very motivational for me much more then new age ones that are too modern for me or I dont know what Im probably getting old or what After leg press and abductors I did smith machine squats I like leg workouts because I learnt how to train them the way I enjoy I dont have to focus to lift too heavy weights I know that even if I use the weight that some of my clients who dont compete use I still can feel the muscles and the next day Im sore Its the sight that Im doing well if Im sore day or two after workout

This smith machine doesnt have a counter weight so even with no extra weight the bar is about 20kg Id say Its not like I have to add at least 5kg to at least get the empty bar down by itself The bar is heavy as it is So I did 10kg on each side and then I added 5kg extra I dont always do it this way I have day when I dont even put any weight on the bar and I go for 20 or 30 reps It all depends on what mood Im in or how I slept at night I do this exercise alone because it requires heavy breathing in between sets I try to mobilize the powers so I can lift some solid weight so this exercise is kinda more difficult for me I try to go downt to at least right angle and I try not to twirl my knees to prevent overstress my knee ligaments I often see people lifting so heavy that their knees drop inside Its not the best for knee ligaments especially if you use brutal heavy weight Its crusial to have a control over the form and then you can add weight

I thing thats the base thing First show that we chose is Arnold Classic I plan to do more shows this year but we start with Arnold Classic in Ohio I know there will be tough line up I know there will be alot of us Its the second most prestigue show in IFBB PRO league right after Olympia very tough line up and very exposed by media I go there to place good but Im aware that there will be very good girls so even participating at that show will be a good experience for me and then we choose next shows We will keep you informed in our next videos Next exercise is lying leg curls If you realize I try to be lil bit lifted up on my elbows Ive realized that if I dont lay on the bench with my chest then my hips dont go up that much I try to keep it down all the time but with this tweak I can make it even better and I can feel the hams all the way up under my glutes I really feel it much better if Im lifted like that and Im not laying all the way You will definitelly use less weight I think because it get much heavier and the angle is different Its all about finding the angle that you feel the best We all differ so you cant say that somebody does something the wrong way One is taller one is shorter so everybody need to find the best position where you feel it the most Leg extentions is classic and I dont need to comment that Theres not much to do wrong I finish it up with stiff leg dead lifts I used to have trouble how to feel this exercise right How to feel the glutes and hams and at the same time dont feel the lower back Again its all about finding the right form that fits you and of course it must be correct so you dont get hurt yourself I dont know how to describe it so you can try it too if youre having problems with it too I have all stiffed legs and I go down like Id do stretching just with weight and when I go up I try to use my glutes so I squeeze my glutes and with this ongoing squeeze I go up

I try to dissable my lower back from work so I can only feel my glutes so legs workout is finished shower, protein shake and you dont have to know everything We wanted to show you what we put in to our bodies its bullshit andlets say again Today were about to see alot of beef We will see how the meat is processed Its all crap We will see how the beef is behaved We will talk lil bit shit beef behavior how the beef behaves You said that at the beginning Ill hold this for while Agrokomplex is making their own I dont know how Id say that I dont understand the sausage terminology Jiri got himself a sausages and now hes acting like he doesnt know the shit The grounded beef that we buy in Vernerice is is just

What youre going? beef is good for its high creatine content thats why you feel so strong We both like beef and we feel good on it we are carnivores We love animals but bodybuilding is bodybuilding and eating meat is the part of that yes butcher room

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