Kai Greene – MIND and MUSCLE – Bodybuilding Motivation

Kai Greene – MIND and MUSCLE – Bodybuilding Motivation

I'm committed enough to really stand in my own power And do the thing that I really want to do

That is to exercise and change my life for the better The time that you are able to deliberately focus your thinking Towards the attainment of a specific GOAL The power in this is the CONTROL and CONTRACTION As your muscles contract against the resistance We still got so much more work to do I'm just excited to be in this place Because now we know the doors of opportunity are open But we know they ain't gonna give it to us We're gonna have to work and GET IT!! We're on fire tonight

You with me? LET'S GET IT Shoutout to everybody out there that knows About working hard Shoutout to the people that more importantly understand that it's worth it to work hard The biggest challenge is really you vs you That's how the body became what it is

And that's how the future success can become what it is You can get started from right where you are

You can get started right now

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