Jay Cutler – IT TAKES AN EXTREME MENTALITY – Bodybuilding Motivation

Jay Cutler – IT TAKES AN EXTREME MENTALITY – Bodybuilding Motivation

If you don't have the right mentality to be able to do this on a regular schedule day in a day out And push yourself beyond your imagination Then you're not gonna be the best of the best It takes extreme to do that You're not born with that, you're not born with that mentality You have to learn, sometime just through failures Failures sometimes build a better person

If I was just given you know great talent, given to ability to just win everything I ever did I don't know if I would have the mentality to bounce back after the losses, injuries or whatever else I know the defeats are what build me as a better bodybuilder And a better person in life in general LOVE the challenge man! Enjoy the challenge!! You're like holy sht can ''Can I really look like this?'' You know I would go in the gym and I would train and I would focus between each set

And be OK this next set I'm gonna do add 10 more pounds, or add 20 more pounds And I'm gonna get extra reps out of it, and I'm gonna squeeze, I'm gonna contract this way All about the contraction man 17 inches now + 5

Realizing the time I spent in the gym was extreme But I still go to the gym on a daily basis because it's the best part of my day It's the time that I feel that I'm able to relieve any kind of stress and be in a great headspace I push myself where the repetitions turn into pain But it's a pain that I know is a great place for the body

Because we're trying to improve and continue to hold onto muscle tissue I mean to have big body parts is easy to a lot of these guys at that level BUT To have the conditioning factor on top of it That's sometimes that's just years and years of training Winning or losing didn't validate who Jay Cutler was It was validated by, I had a GOAL

And that was to be the best I could be A STRONG MIND and a STRONG PERSONALITY and the COMMITMENT to being at your absolute BEST In what your passion is That's one that I could tell you Lifting weights was my passion because I loved it When you're passionate about something, you can only be great at it