I would say to your own self be true Find out who you are, what your gift is, what you love Eat what you like to eat, go where you like to go, be you

You will find out that when you're you You will attract YOU

You will attract all the happiness and the wealth that you can by being you But if you're fake You can't do it

It's all mental, people don't get it This person says it's 12 steps, and everybody is trying to get the steps Without THE MENTALITY It's like OK maybe you don't need all 9, maybe you don't need all 8, maybe you need 4, maybe you need 12

I DON'T KNOW If it was easy everybody would do it But there's a MINDSET It's a mentality!! And a lot of people are missing that mentality

You can't ever feel comfortable So even when you wanna wind down in the evenings You sit in your sofa Trying to relax

You just do not ever feel comfortable You just don't ever feel comfortable AND I LOVE IT Being pushed to the limit

Focus on bodybuilding 100% Having not to worry about anything, just let those guys take care of me My coach is with me everyday Cardio, weighttraining, all in Looking at me everyday It's a lot of visualization It's a lot of feeling the music It's a lot of just making sure you can see yourself in hitting those shots Honestly I responded in a way they ain't seen nobody respond before

We knew it was about to happen