Flex Wheeler – GENETICS X WORK ETHIC – Bodybuilding Motivation

Flex Wheeler – GENETICS X WORK ETHIC – Bodybuilding Motivation

Everything gotta be on point, not just your upperbody it gotta match It has to flow so you have to have the right matches It's rough and it doesn't happen overnight

It's a lot a lot A LOT of hard work and dedication and perseverance I think we all can acknowledge it's not producing champions of our era I don't wanna be one of those guys and say our era was the greatest era of our sport But I tell you this it was probably one of the most competitive with the most incredible and outrageous physiques that ever walked the stage

One of the hardest things is being really honest with yourself Whether you choose to run from a fight or to the fight Because I knew it was gonna be extremely challenging There is no way for me to fully know until I get into the workout

Once I got into the workout it was purely a mental battle Of willing to go into that pain In my opinion still to this day that was the best physique EVER graced ANY stage in bodybuilding I always try to create my world as this harsh environment mentally I could go through all kind of hell and train my ass off, I can diet

I created this outer world where this is normal To be unhappy, eating this crapfood, going into the gym, training every day This is normal

Those people out there don't get it I'M BUILD FOR THIS I was very comfortable in that world and I knew I did my BEST