Filip Grznár – Czech Bodybuilding #5

Filip Grznár – Czech Bodybuilding #5

Bodybuilding is a way of life You must adjust everything you do during the day

You must adjust employment and all your free time It is the way that an athlete starts out Last but not least, it's a sport And as I sayit is the hardest sport in the world

It isn't just about training, but you shloud adjust your whole day to it You actually sacrifice a part of your life to it For this reason it is the hardest sport in the world You must sacrifice everything all your money, all free time, personal life everything! No other sport requires this

Bodybuilding definitely made me a better person It is the only sport that opens the doors to the world

It's a good startI mean that for bodybuilders it's no problem to become anything they want A politician, an actor or a rich businessman It opens the doors to the world for you When you become a successful bodybuilder, it opens all doors for you

it is such an extraordinary sportfor me it's also a job And for successfull bodybuilder it's not a problem to go into the top spheres of society

Bodybuilding made me better person in the frst place My physical and mental qualities have improved It also made me successful bussinessman And made me literally superman! Bodybuilding means the whole life for me It is my job and my hobby

It is love of my life And it is a fulfillment of my life Filip Grznár is one of the most famous and successful czech athletes Primarily a bodybuilder And nowadays he is the best known czech bodybuilder of all times

I have achieved all my goals in sport What I'm doing these days it's like an extension I want just one thing

to come back again after all the injuries I had And be terribly rich and successful in my life The most painful thing in bodybuilding is diet Because training doesn't hurt It is the pain you want and because of which we all do it

But diet hurts terribly You can't even imagine that Remember one thing if you want to do bodybuilding, you have to be rich! Lot of people ask me about training and diet But no one asks me how to earn money Bodybuilding is just about money and nothing else When you are healthy, you only need the money to be successful in bodybuilding Because you can't do bodybuilding without money

much less in professional bodybuilding Muscles to be huge, shredded, to look better than everyone else it is the most perfect thing about it

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