Ejecutando Anavar Durante Todo El Año

Ejecutando Anavar Durante Todo El Año

Do you want to know more about the use of Anavar all year? Dr Tony Huge, Trevor coach and the professional bodybuilder of the IFBB Dan Decker

Anavar is a drug that we know is very mild in terms of its liver toxicity, It does not have many side effects It was designed to be one of the safest steroids, of oral steroids And a lot of those guys, type Instagram model, Many of those bodybuilders in the off season, They want to know about the use of Anavar and long cycles, that is, its use all year round Almost like a TRT to maintain your physique but also for performance, improving the benefits such as maintaining your strength and seeing your veins, that look stronger and that they do not hold water So, we want to know, is it possible to use something like Anavar throughout the year, and at what dose? And also, for men and women, What would be the differences, Trevor? – Yes, well, there are existing studies, and the doctors have used it for TRH, not for TRT, for TRH

And what you should know is that All steroids will cause a suppression They all cause it The issue is, what dose does it do? And then you have to think about the benefits At what dose is the drug effective And at what dose does the drug start with the suppression? Now, Anavar will start to suppress the 15 milligrams, is what they discovered But it is a suppression so slight that it does not turn out to be so serious

And when you submit them to HRT, it was between 25 to 30 milligrams per day, that was the dose of HRT that doctors provided And the studies lasted one year And that year there was no increase in liver enzymes, the suppression was really minimal, so it was a tangible success when they used it for TRH So, that's the other thing Then, observe the risk / benefit relationship

Once you start receiving more than 25 milligrams or about 30 milligrams, as it goes up, You will receive a little more suppression But you're going to have to get higher to get an effective dose to keep the size that you have when this year is happening They will be using it throughout the year to maybe grow and get these results, but you have to take more then You will receive more suppression And that is the problem But if you are taking a low dose of Anavar to maintain the size they have, like a testosterone, and considering that Anavar is the only one that shows, that burns visceral fat, trunk in the abdominal region, There is a benefit behind this

Now, any dose of more than 30 milligrams, once you receive that deletion, then you could already take a MRSA at that point, if you are going to start using it in high doses, because MRSA will produce less suppression with more effect than you would get at 30 – And when we're talking about milligrams of Anavar, are you talking about the difference between an Anavar from a clandestine laboratory and from a pharmacist, An Anavar of North American medical prescription The people who are listening are probably going to use clandestine products, not a pharmaceutical Anavar It may be good to explain the difference in dosage and relate it to the clandestine laboratory dose – Yes, I received a prescription for an authentic Anavar from a doctor, twice, and when I used it for the first time, I used it because I thought the dose in fact they were 30 milligrams

Learning from the people who used it before me At 30 milligrams, when I was using testosterone, just adding 30 milligrams of Anavar, my strength exploded and the vascularity It was really impressive with Anavar when I took it And then, over the years, it always surprised me, and I started using Anavar from clandestine laboratories and it never had the same effect I started using 50 milligrams, without getting the same effect I would have to use something between 80 to 100 milligrams to get that really good effect I got when I was taking 30

But even then, I started having appetite problems because it was damaging the liver There is a huge, huge difference between the two And anyone who has used it will know it And we have touched on the subject a few times There are many reasons why it is different

So, they take 30 milligrams of a Chinese powder, and it does not work, because the real hormone It is a 99% pure powder of Anavar, the one you are getting for the most part And why is it so different? We've talked about that in videos Then, if you do not receive it prescribed or with a prescription from a US doctor, you will not be able to get away with yours with that dose of 25, 30 milligrams It just is not going to work – When we talk about Anavar dosage, when we cycle before a competition, because generally Anavar is used in a cutting phase in a competition cycle near the end

We are usually talking about much higher doses But can you compare the doses that someone would use prior to a competition, a large dose of Anavar versus the dose what would someone use for a whole year? – Then, as if you were going to participate in a show, Are we going to use Chinese or American product? – [Tony] Let's talk about Chinese doses – You will see people using a minimum of 50 milligrams And more, you'll see high values ​​like 120, but 100 is the highest, before a competition So, when you go from that, before a competition, and even that is quite high, because once you start attacking the liver, with the toxicity towards him, then you're supposed to add Winstrol or Halo to your regime

So, how is that going to work? It really does not make much sense Now, use it all year, as I mentioned before, 20, 25, 30 milligrams, has suppression, It would not be as you imagined it So, you keep producing a lot of testosterone You would be having very few problems with that And then you would be getting the benefits of the Anavar

So, we're talking about 25, 30 milligrams for a year – How about a woman who uses Anavar throughout the year? And what kind of dose would it be, in the long term, an acceptable dose for women? – I have never had a woman use Anavar all year and I really do not know many who have done it I know things have been rotating, but if they were to use it throughout the year, I would say five milligrams, because 10 milligrams is a very good dose Well, a very good dose will increase the weight quickly if it is an Anavar really, and you will notice it really fast Then, with more than five milligrams, you're basically going to be in a complete cycle

Now, for a long period of time, for a woman, that's going to start generating, very slowly, residual effects over time And it will be such a slow process, it would not be a sudden problem, that they will not see any of these changes until it's too late It is difficult to even see the changes during a cycle when they are using a slightly higher dose, until it's too late But it is the same that when you're using a lower dose, it's even worse Because you are using that and seeing changes very slow, but for a year

You will not see them until someone who has not seen you For a good time say something like: "What's going on?" Then it is almost even more dangerous when you think about it that way – I was going to comment, is suppression of appetite something What comes with liver toxicity? – [Dan] Yes, it has a direct relationship – Okay, that's what I've always thought – Look at hepatitis, fine, start with the liver And you will notice that it is a defense mechanism – Yes, you will notice that people have a belly for hepatitis They will have a lot of water retention in their belly It looks a bit like a basketball

And when you take, for example, a lot of Anadrol or Dianabol – Yes, I've noticed it before – Once your appetite starts to disappear, and then you will notice that you are fans, but it is a little different in the swelling

It's the same concept, very similar to how hepatitis is when you see it in people So just think about that in relation to her – That's what I've always thought – When Anavar is used throughout the year, What would you expect to see someone, a man, what would you expect to see differently in your body At the end of the year? Would they be stronger, would they be bigger, more muscular? Would they just stay the same? – Will he go back to where they were, the same size as they were? Weighed 270 pounds when they left a cycle? Are you now using 25mg of Anavar, 30mg of Anavar? because now they will go in the opposite direction But if you have someone 180, 200 pounds or something like that, with maybe 210, 215, you will notice, Think of testosterone

Let's say you were taking your dose of TRT at 200 mg, It would be something very similar to that They would simply be much milder gains, and you really are not going to be making anything, you're just going to start removing some of the fat, more than just using a TRT dose of testosterone Then, you might notice that you have less fat over time and a tougher appearance than you would with TRT That is all You're not going to make yourself stronger or anything like that

– It seems that the best use for a long-term Anavar cycle would be, Once someone achieves the physique they want, this will help them keep it easier so they do not have to monitor their diet so much, so they do not have to train so often, this will prevent them from becoming anti-catabolic, and will maintain its strength, even if they do less exercises Things like these? – Yes, and then the other thing is, they would have to be back to normal, hormonally, before starting If they have left a really big cycle, and then they start using Anavar right away, although there is not much deletion that occurs, the fact that you went from a cycle to something which causes suppression, It will make you never be able to raise your hormones again – Will you still keep elevated liver enzymes at a high rate? – The liver will return to normal, it would be just your endogenous testosterone production If you do not do your

– Okay, but if you're older, really you would not need to worry about that anyway – Yes, then you still need Take a little testosterone with that what I'm saying is that, if you were to leave a cycle, you want to make your testosterone come back at least to normality

When it starts to come back and you have a consistent level, That's when I would use the Anavar Because if you just take it immediately you will never give him time to do that your endogenous production returns – Well, now let's say, I'm going to add TRT doses of testosterone, 200 mg, a higher dose of TRT, 200 mg per week of testosterone, and that then I will add, 50mg of Anavar, about that, the Chinese product I'm going to use that for a year continuously Will I gain a lot of size, a lot of strength? – It would be too much for your liver, I think

If you used 50 for a year, your liver enzymes will start to be a problem for you and then you will have six months or so, at the most – Then you can not keep use all the time – Not with that dose – That's why I say there's a limit – But you could try 50 mg a day, year after year? – You could take 50 mg a day, but as I said, your liver will give you problems over six months and you will begin to notice that enzymes are going to rise and go up

Each person will be a different case That's why I said there is a limit to the benefits with the Anavar 25, 30 mg seems to be in the perfect range where your liver is not affected – All right – Your liver will regenerate at the same time

It's like using Tylenol And then, so you can achieve values complete and positive in the liver and very little suppression But that's the thing, If you have more than 200 pounds or close, Will that 25, 30 mg of Anavar be enough to be able to keep that or would you have to increase it? Because then, if you have to increase it, then it does not make sense because you only go to be able to do for a certain time, and you will not be able to maintain your size – Very good – Guys, we have many questions that are coming to us, since we are here in the bodybuilding competition, Governor's Cup, getting together with many friends, having the freedom to ask those questions

We love answering your questions, we love interacting with you, when you greet us We hope to meet you all

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