Dennis James – EFFORT DAY IN DAY OUT FOR RESULTS – Bodybuilding Motivation

Dennis James – EFFORT DAY IN DAY OUT FOR RESULTS – Bodybuilding Motivation

I like to fully concentrate only on my training and my diet I stay in the room, I don't do nothing, I don't party

I go to the gym 6:00 in the morning To do my cardio And when I do my cardio I picture myself what I look like on stage Looking at myself, you gotta know what you want It's just, you can't slide to the side a little bit

If you're a 100% FOCUSED you gotta just do one thing You can't do 3/4 things at the same time It's just the way I like it

OLDSCHOOL Still trying to train as heavy as possible NO MATTER WHAT

I LOVE IT Legs is HARD In order to hang with Jay and Ronnie you gotta have SIZE You can't be small You can't be small and just be an aesthetic bodybuilder and hang with these big boys There's no way So you gotta be BIG, you gotta be FULL, and you still gotta have some kind of symmetry To stand next to these guys and to look good And that's the most important thing And I think I have it, if I can bring it If I can bring what I'm capable of I think I have something that everybody else is afraid of Make them grow

I said to myself, this is the year where you have to show everybody that we can put it all together So that's what I'm trying to do I know there's a lot of haters out there I don't even wanna call them haters Who knows what they're hating on, it's just That they think I'm not good enough But it comes all down to myself

I'm the one that makes the final decision I'm still coming! I've fked up so many times I DON'T GIVE UP Always try to come in and stick within your game plan, not go outside How I keep myself motivated? Every workout I pick the guy that I admire the most for that body-part that I train Let's say for instance BACK

I would put on Ronnie Coleman and I take that motivation right to the gym when I train back The same thing I did with Kevin Levrone's shoulders Basically everybody

What I'm doing in the end Is basically what I wanna do, not what people tell me to do So I never try to blame anybody but myself for my own short comings This is just what I'm trying to do, every year I'm training to come in the way I feel the best

And the way I think I look the most impressive, and that is just when I'm heavy Not too heavy but you know I gotta be full And If I'm not FULL I just don't look as impressive Over and over again The best of the best