Correndo Anavar Durante Todo O Ano

Correndo Anavar Durante Todo O Ano

– You want to know about using Anavar all year round Dr

Tony Huge, trainer Trevor, and IFBB professional bodybuilder Dan Decker Anavar is a drug that we know is very mild for hepatic toxicity, does not have many side effects It is designed to be one of the safest steroids, oral steroid And many of these guy-type Instagram models, many of these bodybuilders in the off-season, want to know about Anavar use and long cycles, how to use it all year round Almost as an TRT to maintain your physique but also for performance, improving the benefits how to maintain their strengths and appear definite, looking stronger, not holding back water

So we want to know, it's possible to use something like Anavar all year round, and in what doses? And also, for men and women, What would be the differences, Trevor? "Yes, then, there are real studies, and doctors have used this for HRT, not TRT, but HRT And what you should know is, Any steroid will cause suppression They all do It's just, what dose do they do? And then you should think about the benefits At what dose is the drug effective? and at what dose does the drug begin to suppress? Now, Anavar will begin to suppress 15 milligrams, is what they discovered

But it's such a light suppression that it's not too bad And when they put it on HRT, was between 25, 30 milligrams per day, it was the dose of HRT that the doctors were giving And the studies followed for a year And within one year there were no elevated liver enzymes, the suppression was minimal, so it was a real success when they used it for HRT So that's the other thing

So, look at the risk benefit ratio As you begin to exceed 25 milligrams or 30 milligrams, as it increases, will get a bit more suppression But you'll have to get more to obtain an effective dose to achieve any size that you are when they are used year-round So they are using the whole year to maybe grow and get those results, but if you have to take more then you will have more suppression And that's the problem

But if you are taking a low dose of Anavar to keep the size they have, such as a testosterone, and because Anavar is the only one who shows, real burning of visceral lard, of the trunk in the abdominal area, there is a benefit to it Now, at any point above 30 milligrams, once you get that suppression, then you can also take a MRSA at that point, if you start using higher, because MRSA will have less suppression with more effect than it would be at 30 "And when we speak milligrams of Anavar, the difference between an Anavar clandestine laboratory and a pharmacist, Anavar with American recipe I think people who are listening maybe will use clandestine formulas, not the Anavar pharmaceutical Then maybe the difference in dosage and perhaps relate it to the dose of clandestine laboratory

– Yes, okay, I had an actual recipe Anavar of a doctor twice, and when I first used it, I used it because I thought they were, 30 milligrams was the real dose Learning from people who used it before me And 30 milligrams, when I was using testosterone, just adding the 30 milligrams of Anavar, my strength exploded and vascularization was a great thing at Anavar when I took it And over the years, it has always impressed me, so I started using Anavar by clandestine labs, never had the same effect I would start using 50 milligrams, without having the same effect

I would have to take something between 80 and 100 milligrams to get this good real effect that I got when I was taking 30 And even at that point, then, I started having appetite problems because it was damaging the liver There is a huge difference between the two And anyone who has used it will know And we've been through it a few times

There are many reasons why it is different So by taking 30 milligrams of a Chinese powder, and it is not because of the actual hormone itself, is a 99% pure Anavar powder that is receiving for the most part And why is it so different? We talked about it in videos So if they did not prescribe it for you or a prescription from an American doctor, You will not go unpunished with dose of 25, 30 milligrams This simply will not work

– When we speak dosages of Anavar, when we are doing a pre-competition cycle, because in general Anavar is used in a phase of elimination of a competition cycle near the end We are generally talking about a much larger dose But, can you compare dosages? that someone would use pre-competition, as an Anavar outbreak compared to the dosage would anyone use for a whole year? "Yes, then, if you were using it for a show, would we use a Chinese or an American? – [Tony] Let's talk about the Chinese dosages So you'll see people using a minimum of 50 milligrams Up, you'll see as high as 120, but in general 100 is as high as it is for pre-competition

And so, it's coming from that, a pre-competition, and even this is very loud, because once it starts to enter the liver, the toxicity thereof, then you should add Winstrol or Halo for your control So how will this work? It does not make sense But using year-round, as I said, 20, 25, 30 milligrams, this has suppression, but nothing like you would think So you still produce lots of testosterone You're having a minimal problem with that

And then you're getting the benefits of Anavar So we're talking about 20, 30 milligrams for a year "What about a woman who uses Anavar all year long?" And what kind of dosages is, in the long run, a dosage ok for women? "I've never had a woman using Anavar for a whole year, and I really do not know many of them I know they've turned things around, but if they had to use it for the whole year, I would say five milligrams, because 10 milligrams is a good dose So a good dose will increase your weight fast If it's real Anavar, and you'll notice it fast

So, anything over five milligrams, you are basically in a complete cycle Now, over a long period for a woman, This will start to build very slowly, effects over time And it will be a problem so slow, not sudden that they will not see any changes until it's too late It's hard to even see the changes during a cycle when they are using a slightly larger dose, until it's too late But it's the same thing when you're using a smaller dose, it's even worse

Because you are using this, having such slow changes, but is doing it for a year You will never see these changes before someone has seen, for a while it will be like, "Hey, what's going on here?" So it's almost even more dangerous when you think about it that way – I would say, then, suppressing appetite is something Does this come with liver toxicity? – Yes, direct relationship "Okay, that's what I always thought then – Look at hepatitis, right, it starts with the liver

And you'll notice It's a defense mechanism – Yes, you will notice that people get their bellies of hepatitis

There will be a lot of water retention in your belly Looks like a bit of basketball And when you take, say, a lot of Anadrol or Dianabol – Yeah, I've noticed that before – Once you start to lose appetite, and then you will notice that it becomes swollen, but it's a little different about the swelling It's the same concept, it looks like the way hepatitis is when you see it in people So think about it "That's kind of what I always thought

– Using Anavar all year round what one would expect to see, a man, expect to see differences in your body at the end of the year? Will they be stronger, will they be bigger? more muscular? Would they just keep? "That will come back, how big were they?" They had 130 pounds when they left a cycle, now they are taking 25 mg of Anavar, Anavar 30 mg? Because then they go to the other side But if you have someone with 90, 100 pounds or more, maybe up to 105, 110, you'll notice, so think of testosterone Let's say you were making your TRT dose at 200 milligrams, it would be very similar to that It's just much leaner gains, and you will not gain anything, you'll just start cutting some of the fat than you would with just taking a TRT dose of testosterone

So you may notice that you get thinner over time and a stronger aspect could the TRT That's about it You will not get any strength or anything like that – Sounds like the best use for a long-term Anavar cycle, Once someone gets the physical they want, This will help keep you more so do not need to watch so much your diet, do not need to train so often, This will prevent them from being anticatabolic, and will maintain the strength even if they work less Things like this? "Yes, and then the other thing is, should return to normal, hormonally, before you start this

If they went out of a very large cycle, and soon began with Anavar immediately, even if it is not much suppression, this is happening, the fact of having gone from a cycle to something which causes suppression, you will never be able to recover the hormones – So you will still keep elevated liver enzymes at a high rate? – The liver will return, is just their endogenous production of testosterone If you do not make your post – – Okay, but if you're older you do not I really need to worry about it – Yes, then you would still need use some testosterone with it But I'm saying, if you were to come from a cycle, you want to have your testosterone at least returning to normal As soon as it starts coming back, and you have a consistent level, then I would take the Anavar Because if you simply play it right away never give time to have its endogenous production back

"All right, you'll say now, I will add in TRT doses of testosterone, 300 milligrams, a high dosage of TRT, 200 milligrams per week of testosterone, and then I'm going to add 50 milligrams of Anavar, on top of that, Chinese I'm going to take this for a straight year Am I going to gain a lot of size, a lot of strength? "It's too much in your liver, I would think If you did for a year, your liver enzymes will start to rise in you, and then maybe six months or so at most "So you can not keep it all the time

" – Not at that dose OK "That's why I'm saying there's a threshold – But you could do what, 50 milligrams a day, year after year? "You could make 50 milligrams a day, but as I said, your liver will grow in you in six months and you will begin to notice that enzymes It's higher Everyone will be different

But that is why I said that there is a threshold for benefits in the Anavar , 25, 30 milligrams appear to be the perfect range in which your liver is not affected – OK – Your liver will regenerate at the same time It's like taking Tylenol

And so, you can have values excellent in the liver and very little suppression But that's the thing, If you are larger than 100 or more pounds, these, 25, 30 milligrams of Anavar will power keep them or should you increase that? Because then, if you must increase this, so it's not worth it because you're just going be able to use it for so long, and you will not be able to maintain its size – Very cool "Guys, we've got so many amazing questions coming up, as we are here in the bodybuilding competition, Governor's Cup, meeting many friends, the freedom to address these issues So we love to answer your questions, I love interacting with you, we love it when you say hello

So, we hope to meet all of you

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