Bodybuilding Motivation – DAY IN and DAY OUT we WORK

Bodybuilding Motivation – DAY IN and DAY OUT we WORK

Basically I love the way of life I love to be up on stage and show them how much hard work and dedication I put into my body

I love it I think it's just instilled in some of us, we're born with it The harder you work, the better you get You only get out of life what you put in

It takes a long time, consistently training day by day and taking each day as it comes It's a long term investment, it's not something that happens overnight You can't just go ahead and get big or defined in 3-4 months like a lot of people wanna do Every time you push a weight it's an investment, but it's an investment in your body And you always walk away with it, nobody can take it away from you that's the great thing about it' My personal goal ofcourse is to be the best I ever can make myself I guess I would like to be Mr Olympia, I'm sure everybody does

We shoot for the ultimate title But at the same time I gotta be happy with what I'm doing other then just bodybuilding See this is a lifestyle Bodybuilding is something that you HAVE to live EVERY DAY

Give it a 100% And have no regrets man

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