beginner intermediate advanced bodybuilding

beginner intermediate advanced bodybuilding

Are you a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced lifter? We will explain in this video, and we’ll get into it right away! First, why is this important? Because the beginner weightlifting routine will be quit different from the advanced routine It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been working out

If you haven’t added much muscle mass, you are still a beginner Realizing this can assist you in picking the proper workout Here are some general guidelines that will help you determine your lifting level The novice lifter is a rank beginner, has no idea what most exercises are, and have very poor exercise form They have never build any muscle or strength, and are rather clueless about how to train and eat

The beginning lifter has been in the gym at least a few months and has taken the time to work on exercise form They have gained a basic understanding about what a challenging weight for a given exercise is A beginner has built no substantial amount of muscle or strength The funny thing is, a lot of beginners remain a beginner indefinitely It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been training if what you’re doing isn’t producing results

Getting more experienced, the intermediate lifter has taken time to practice proper form on the major exercises, his form is better than 95% of the gym rats at any local gym He started to build some strength and noticed some increases in muscle size, and is making consistent progression on the majors lifts Intermediates have achieved a good training rhythm and may be making minor programming adjustments to address their weaknesses Strength gains continue to remain consistent, and their physiques are filling out nicely with muscle mass They are eating properly, listening to their bodies and evolving their training, and constantly working to improve and master lifting form

They may also require periodization to handle the stresses placed upon their bodies by frequent heavy sessions An experienced intermediate has reached 85 to 90% of their strength and muscle building potential They surely can require some form of periodization, deloading or fatigue management with their programming because of the weight they are moving in the gym Advanced lifters are the upper 5%, and can be considered the cream of the crop The are dedicated and make no excuses

They find a way to succeed, despite the obstacles placed in their path Progress has slowed dramatically, and success is now viewed as adding a couple pounds of muscle per year They know their bodies and limits well, and are mentally tough An advanced lifter is elite or near elite level in powerlifting, or near their natural genetic muscle building potential if a bodybuilder Thank you for watching and click on this card to tell me What video you want me to make next? I hope you enjoyed this video

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