A Day in the life of Stephanie Davis IFBB Bikini & Fitness Model – BioTechUSA

[Music] Hello everyone, I’m in Budapest at BioTechUSA and today we will show a a new product family which you may have already seen in this black spelt packaging and today we will also talk a bit about the ingredients, how is it processed and how is the production we will talk through all of this today later on at every product we will go over to the fitness centre we will take some cool shots which we will then of course use so basically this is my workplace later on we will start the introduction of the individual products and now I will read you the individual products and I will be able to tell you a lot about them my day looks like this see you later [music] so today will be very exhausting, we will go through all the products so Iso Whey, Pre-workout , Intra-workout these are indeed very diverse products, somewhere I also need to read the details so later I will be able to explain everything to everyone it is very exhausting but we have beautiful weather out there with 35 celsius degrees I would like to tell you the details so everyone will understand the majority of the products that we are talking about it is super exhausting changing the scene now we are taking photos for BioTechUSA if these will be fitness photos then I’ve already changed clothes this is already my workplace and now we will take some cool photos simply for the advertising agencies and I feel much better sometimes I am also visible when we are taking fitness photos and I always prepare myself for shooting right now I am a bit ‘lean’ which means that I strive for making my ABS more visible right for the shooting my workplace looks like this today I am very excited I can’t wait to see the photos it’s already starting [Music] we are already in the fitness studio I have already had a really good workout unfortunately quite often I cannot go to the training but anyway you need some workout even then therefore if I have a day like this with a shooting I actually always plan something to work my kidneys, too I always do it like this five or six times a week I work out or do my cardio sessions or some muscle training with some heavy weights and of course I never forget the supplements this is very important if I travel a lot or I have many shootings and I am on the road at fairs or ex boss expos at these times it is very important to be in shape even on the road therefore I have just done some exercises a full-body session here at kario just as a warm-up anyway it is always good to have a training here now I take a small break have something to eat but before I finish here I would like to thank you that you have been with me and I hope to see you soon next time we will finish everything we want [Music]

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