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Did Serge Nubret lift heavy?

To accomplish his physique Serge Nubret actually didn’t lift heavy weights. He lifted moderate weights for higher reps and very high volume. The goal of Serge’s routine is to force as much blood into the muscle as possible for as long as possible, bringing vital nutrients into the muscle to aid growth.

Serge Nubret: An Iconic Figure in Bodybuilding

Serge Nubret is one of the most iconic figures in bodybuilding history. He was a French professional bodybuilder who rose to fame in the late 1960s and early 1970s. His career was marked by numerous titles and awards, including Mr. France, Mr. Universe, and Mr. World. Nubret’s unique approach to bodybuilding, which focused on creating symmetrical, aesthetic physiques rather than extreme muscularity, earned him a dedicated following and long-lasting admiration.

Early Life

Serge Nubret was born in October 1938 in the French island of Guadeloupe. As a child, he was an avid athlete and was especially talented in boxing and wrestling. After completing his studies, Nubret moved to Paris and began training in bodybuilding and weightlifting. He quickly discovered that he had a natural aptitude for the sport and began to compete in both amateur and professional bodybuilding contests.

Competitive Career

Nubret had an incredibly successful competitive career. He won the coveted Mr. France title in 1966, followed by Mr. Universe in 1967, Mr. World in 1968, and Mr. Europe in 1969. In addition, Nubret placed in the top three of the IFBB Mr. Olympia contest several times, and he was a consistent presence in the IFBB Grand Prix circuit throughout the 1970s.

Unique Training Approach

One of the things that set Nubret apart from other bodybuilders of the era was his unique training approach. Rather than focusing on bulking up with heavy weights, Nubret preferred to use lighter weights and higher reps in order to create a lean, aesthetic physique. This approach earned him a great deal of admiration among bodybuilding fans and helped to inspire a new generation of bodybuilders.


Even after his death in 2011, Serge Nubret’s legacy continues to live on. He is remembered as one of the most iconic figures in bodybuilding, and his unique approach to the sport has been adopted by countless bodybuilders. Nubret’s influence can still be seen in today’s bodybuilding competitions, where the focus is on creating aesthetically pleasing physiques rather than extreme muscularity.


Nutrition was a key part of Nubret’s bodybuilding routine. He followed a very strict diet, which included lots of protein and complex carbohydrates, as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. He also paid close attention to his vitamin and mineral intake, and he regularly took supplements to ensure that his body was getting all of the nutrients that it needed.


Nubret was a big believer in the power of supplements. He regularly took a variety of performance-enhancing supplements, such as creatine, amino acids, and multivitamins. He also believed strongly in the benefits of natural supplements, such as bee pollen and royal jelly.

Influence on Bodybuilding Today

Serge Nubret’s influence on bodybuilding continues to be felt today. His unique approach to training, nutrition, and supplementation has been adopted by many of today’s bodybuilders, and his legacy of creating symmetrical, aesthetic physiques is still evident in today’s bodybuilding competitions.

Mental Approach

In addition to his physical training, Nubret also paid close attention to his mental approach to bodybuilding. He believed that having a positive mental attitude was essential in order to achieve success in bodybuilding. He often spoke about the importance of visualizing your goals and staying focused on the task at hand.


Nubret was a passionate mentor and motivator. He was known for his willingness to help and guide younger bodybuilders, and he often shared his wisdom and experience with those looking to break into the sport. His dedication to mentorship earned him the respect and admiration of many in the bodybuilding community.


Serge Nubret was an iconic figure in bodybuilding and his influence can still be seen in the sport today. His unique approach to training, nutrition, and supplementation, combined with his passion for mentorship, earned him a lasting legacy. Nubret’s commitment to creating aesthetically pleasing physiques, rather than extreme muscularity, has been adopted by many bodybuilders and continues to be celebrated in bodybuilding competitions around the world.